Natrol Social Media + OTT Ads

Client Project | Primary Motion Designer

Few sets of ads I designed and animated both a fifteen and thirty second OTT Ad set that was displayed on Hulu, Pluto-TV,and more. Along with multiple social media campaigns in both 1:1 and 9:16 ratios. Using both footage and custom motion graphics to create a set of matching ads at alternate lengths.

Wag! Social Media Ads

Client Project | Primary Motion Designer

Wag! - A selection of social media ads created for Wag!. Helping call out specific services they provide from just a quick walk, daycare, weekend check-ins and more.

Receipt Hog Social Media Ads + Statics

Client Project | Primary Motion & Graphic Designer

A mix of social media ads targeted by age group, fun animation carousel and statics that are displayed in both the App Store and Google Play.

Handy Social Media Ads

Client Project | Primary Motion Designer

Handy - A selection of social media ads created for Handy, specifically for the cleaning services they and their members offer. Ranging from Mothers Day specials to Everygreen ads.

Your Ride Social Ad

Personal Project | Graphic Designer

YOUR RIDE - Digital campaign for VELO BIKES. Highlighting their newest cycle that is customizable from the build to the finish line. From custom grips, gear ratios, chains, and more. It’s your bike, your ride.

Game Boy Color

Personal Project | Motion Designer

Growing up in the 1990s, I had myself a purple Game Boy Color. Having fond memories, trying to play at night in the car, catching glimpses of light while playing Pokémon Red. Then I got the Game Boy light attachment that really pushed my Pokémon play time into the late hours as a kid. With this fan animation, being able to relive some of those memories brought fun and excitement working on this piece.

Fresh Orange Juice

Personal Project | Motion Designer

Fresh - A orange juice brand that is just that. Nothing more and nothing less. Just freshly squeezed orange juice with nothing else added in. This mock client and animation is a quick demonstration how a simple campaign message with exciting visuals can push your message forward.

The Bits

Motion & Graphic Designer

The Bits houses some of my smaller professional projects I have worked on as a freelancer as well as some smaller personal project that I have explored.

AI Generated

Prompted | Stable Diffusion + Disco Diffusion

Everything made here has been created by AI image generation and edited by me. I used an open source python script called Diffusion to generate these images.

Hi, I'm Kadyn Wishcop

Currently a Motion & Graphic Designer based out of St. Paul, Minnesota area. With over eight years experience I'm currently working at Tinuiti, the largest independent performance marketing firm.

What I Do

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